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facebook sex datingFacebook Sex dating Taking a look at yourself

Imagine how much easier life would be if we could take a step back from ourselves when on a date, examine our behaviour from the outside and note all the things we do that may send  the wrong signal to the other person. With online dating we can do this to an extent, as we  can read what we have written critically and see how it could be read by others. In my experience, the majority of problems can be solved by taking a good look at the profile, the picture and the messages sent to others.

When troubleshooting your online dating experience, it helps to be methodical. Start by assuming that your problem lies in one of  these aforementioned areas and check them one by one until you are satisfied that they are  all as good as they should be. Once you’ve established that, you can look at other reasons, like the site being wrong for you.

Common problems and possible reasons behind them ‘No one replies to any of my messages’ It can be quite distressing when you put yourself out there and get nothing back. The  following case studies will help give you insight into possible reasons why this might happen.

Sex Dating Case study1

The problem: A man who finds Asian women very attractive signed up to an Asian dating site, although not Asian himself. He contacted many women but got no responses. The solution:The women on that particular site had joined it because they were interested  in meeting Asian men from their own communities. This is hardly surprising, when you  consider the fact that those women had chosen an Asian dating site rather than a general membership site.

If you choose a niche or orientation site,make sure it’s one where you fit in. While some sites accommodate people who don’t fit the bill themselves, others don’t.You would be wasting your time and money if you placed yourself on the wrong site.The man in the example above could have had the world’s best-written profile and a very attractive picture and it wouldn’t have made any difference: the women on that site would still not be interested.

It’s not only niche and orientation sites that have standards that need to be adhered to. Some sites simply attract people with certain political views, world outlooks, education level, professions, etc. If your search keeps bringing up the wrong people, go somewhere else.

Dating Site Case study 2

The problem: A man once wrote to our customer service team and asked for his money back. He said that he had been on the site for several months, sent many messages and didn’t get a single reply. After some investigating, it turned out the man had not yet uploaded a photo, the description in his profile said ‘I am a guy looking for girls’ and every single message he’d sent had been either overtly rude or short and generic. It was no wonder he’d never
received a reply.

The solution: A good sex facebook profile, a photo, well-written messages and a respectful attitude are essential when trying to get people to respond to you. Don’t skimp on such details as they are all important. If you are certain that everything you have written is OK, contact the customer service team and ask for their advice.They will be able to check whether your messages have been delivered and also tell you if there are any problems with your profile you are not aware of.

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