Protect Your Self From Scammers and Staklers While Online Dating

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I seem to only attract freaks/men who want sex/stalkers/abusive guys/gold-diggers/time wasters’

Case study 1

The problem: A woman had written to complain that she was getting a lot of unwelcome attention from men on the site. She said all of the men who had contacted her had asked her
for ‘web chats’ straight away and seemed to only be interested in sex. I suspected that this may be the usual case of an over-revealing photo on her profile, but her photo was pretty standard although she was quite an attractive woman. Her profile, on the other hand, was very sparse.

The solution: If you rely on your looks alone to attract people, you will attract people who are only interested in your looks.Always make sure to write about yourself so that your
profile has an appeal beyond the obvious. While this may not dissuade the sex-seekers from contacting you, it would help you attract the more interesting people.

Case study 2

The problem: A woman consistently met men through dating sites who seemed OK at the beginning but then turned out to be emotionally unavailable with severe commitment problems. She checked her profile to see if there was anything there that could attract them but couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

The solution: Unfortunately, someone who has a bad dating pattern is likely to find it repeating itself both on and off the Internet. If you have been with several people who exhibited more or less the same problems (i.e.being abusive, unavailable, dishonest etc.) then there may be a reason why you are attracted to them in the first place. I am not suggesting that you should necessarily forgive those who have hurt you because it was you who were attracted to them, but it may be time to sit down and have a think about why it is that you seek out people who treat you this way.There could be many reasons for this and they are obviously going to be different from person to person.

How you address these issues is up to you.You may want to seek counselling, speak to friends, read self-help articles or simply let yourself heal at your own pace before dating again.

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