How to talk about yourself on Sexbook

sexbookThe personal blurb

The personal blurb is where you get to talk about yourself in your own words. The people who read your profile will use this information to try and figure out what you’re like. Put thought into what you write, as every little bit counts towards making people want to know you better.You have com-plete control over what goes into your profile and so, in effect, complete control over how you will appear to others on Sexbook online.

The personal description is the hardest part for most people to write, so don’t worry if the perfect bit of text fails to miraculously flow through your fingers straight away. With very few exceptions, there is no such thing as effortlessly good writing. Those charming profiles that flow so naturally probably took ages to write and perfect. Don’t judge your first effort by such end results. If your initial attempt seems to lack that award-winning quality you hoped for, all is not lost. There are ways and means of getting over the profile hurdle and writing something you’ll be happy with. Most impor-tantly: take your time and view everything you do as a work in progress.

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