How much to write on your Sexbook Profile

Opinions vary as to how much you should put in a profile.The general rule is that you should write enough for people to get the information they need but not so much that they get bored and stop reading. Usually, this means writing around 200–300 words, though I’ve seen some good profiles that were shorter.

Sex Facebook structure their user profiles differently and so this limit is flexible. Some sites have different text boxes for a list of hobbies/interests and some even offer separate boxes for things such as favourite music, films etc. In such cases, your best bet would be to keep the main essay relatively short and fill out the respective text boxes separately. On sites that don’t provide such distinction, you can afford to write a longer profile with all those items incorporated into one body of text. Even on Sex Facebook like this, writing much over 300 words in one box is usually a waste of time, as most people won’t bother reading that far.

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