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I was getting tired of online dating sites and I was having so much more success and meeting better quality girls on Facebook of Sex that I was ready to give up on online dating sites  all together. However, before I gave up there was one girl from Plentyoffish that wanted to meet up with me and I decided to give her a chance. Sarah was your typical Goth girl who liked death and blood and that annoying vampire movie, ‘Twilight.’ I have an extreme fetish for Goth girls with tattoos and it was enough to ignore all the bad signs that the girl was crazy as fuck.

We met at my place and she brought a DVD “Nightmare before Christmas.” Which surprised me because it was only July and Christmas was like five months away.  At the time I use to smoke so I offered her a cigarette and she took it. She played with the tip of the cigarette with her lips and tongue and told me that was how she was going to suck my dick.

It turned me on so much and we started to kiss. She told me about all the things she found that was sexy and that she found pain to be a huge turn on. She wanted to show me pain because I was a naughty boy. She kept telling me over and over that she was going to give me pain and make me suffer for it. I thought about the kind of sexy things she would do and because she was Goth and liked pain, she might want to bite my neck like a vampire or something. She looked at me and said, “I want to make you scream out in pain you bastard.”

She was getting really turned on by this and I sat there egging her on, “Do it! Showme pain.” With that she grabbed her burning cigarette and dotted it out on my fucking arm! I was in pain alright, I was fucking burnt! “Do you like that baby? Do you like when I give you pain?” I told her to get the fuck out my house and she got pissed off with me. She shouted at me for calling her a crazy bitch and stormed out my house. I never saw her again.

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