Building a good Sex Facebook profile

sex facebook profileBefore we get into all the stuff about writing a sex Facebook profile, here’s a quick word of advice. On the Internet, where it’s hard to figure out what a person is like, little things matter more than you might think. In fact, it’s sometimes those little things that can cause the biggest problems.

Your username

In my moderating days I occasionally came across some beautifully written profiles of both men and women describing themselves as hopeless romantics and saying they were looking for their soulmates. Unfortunately, their user-names were things like ‘sexyslut’ or ‘sexaddict2000’, which painted a slightly different picture. As you can probably guess, these people didn’t do very well on Sex Facebook and were more than a bit disappointed. For all I know, those poorly chosen usernames could have been chosen as a joke and were no indication of anything other than a keen sense of humour. Sadly, irony is usually lost online. Using humour is great, but make sure you use a joke that can’t be taken the wrong way otherwise people might think you really mean
it. Choose your username wisely.

The tag line

Sex Facebook give you the opportunity to provide a short caption, headline, chat up line, ortag line that will appear in a prominent place in your profile (such as above or under your picture). This line can also sometimes appear with your picture in search results and so may end up being one of the first parts of your profile that people see.

Regardless of the name given to this line by the site you are using, you are free to use it as you see fit. Don’t feel obliged to use it to describe your picture, even if the site has named this line a caption. Think of it as a headline or a ‘teaser’, something to make people want to read the rest of your profile.

Newspaper editors know that you can sell more papers with an enticing headline than by giving away the whole story in the title of an article. Withholding details arouses people’s curiosity and they are then more likely to buy a copy of the paper. Similarly, you don’t have to overstuff your Your profile and you tag line with details about yourself. Save that stuff for the rest of the profile where it belongs.

What you are trying to do here is attract attention and give people a brief idea of the kind of person you are. For some people, this will be an easy exercise, while others find this kind of thing more difficult than writing long essays. If you’re finding it difficult, don’t worry too much about it. Unless you write something offensive, you are not likely to put anyone off with a less-than-perfect tag line.

The makings of a good tag line

  • Humour sells: short jokes, silly comments, bad chat up lines, anything thatputs a smile on your face is good.
  • A short bit of text that sums up who you are or what you are looking for makes a simple, yet effective tag line; just remember not to write too much.
  • Movie quotes and song lyrics may not be the most original thing in the world, but they can certainly sum things up nicely and show people what you like.

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