Answering Sex Facebook Profile Questions

sexfacebook faqTick boxes, multiple-choice questions and lists: Sex Facebook know how much people hate filling out forms and a lot of them try to simplify the process by asking you questions and providing tick boxes for things like interests, hobbies etc. These can be very useful but also a bit limiting at times. The amount of such questions you will be asked depends on the site you are using.  When answering the questions, be as honest as possible. It’s usually better to tell the truth from the beginning, as most lies are exposed very early on. The questions people are most likely to lie about are age, body type and marital status, so we’ll look at those first.


Although it’s generally good to be honest, this is the one exception where sometimes it’s OK to lie. This is particularly true for women and more so if the site you are on divides people into age groups in the search criteria. Women who look younger than their age are at a distinct disadvantage online, where people define their search by specifying numbers. If you are the sort of person who always gets surprised looks when you reveal your age, you may want to consider lowering your age slightly in order to appear in more searches.This is especially important if you are a woman over 50, or fall just outside a specified age group. If you do lie, make sure you refer to this in your description section and explain why you did it.You don’t want to lead people on for too long, or they will get angry.

If you are used to social sex dating sites such as The Social Sex Network, forums, etc., you may be tempted to sign up with a joke age such as 99 or 100. On Sex Facebook, this is a very bad idea, as it would mean you would hardly show up in any searches. Either use your real age or lie as explained above.

Body type

Many people are tempted to lie about this, especially if they are a bit over-weight and are working towards losing the extra pounds. Of course, any lies about personal appearance would be quickly exposed on the first date, which is the event you are basically working towards. Be truthful about your appearance, and use the description area too if you want to let people know you are working out. Once you’ve lost the extra pounds, you can change your profile to match.

Marital status

If you are separated, say that you are separated rather than divorced. If the site doesn’t offer that as an option, use ‘divorced’ and explain the situation in the profile. Nothing annoys people more than being lied to about someone’s marital status.As we all know, there are plenty of people out there who are married and choose to cheat on their spouses. If you’ve bought this topic then hopefully I can assume you are not one of them. However, if you are, be aware that there are some dating sites out there that cater specifically for married/attached people who wish to cheat.There are also sites for swingers and those in open marriages/relationships who are open to the concept of consensual extra-marital sex.There really is no need to lie. Occasionally, even daters on general membership sites will openly admit to being married and looking to cheat on their spouse without suffering any adverse conse-quences. Moral implications aside, I see this as a welcome change, as it means people can make more informed decisions about the relationships they choose to enter.

More tips about answering questions

Most sites will let you opt out of answering questions that you don’t feel comfortable answering. If you don’t want to answer something and can’t opt out, choose a false answer, but make sure you mention that in your descrip-tion. The only exceptions to this are the age question (where choosing a joke age would be a bad idea) and the postcode.This is because most people search by age or distance and you want them to be able to find you.You can generally get around limiting multiple-choice questions or tick boxes by picking the closest answer and clarifying things in your description.

Lists of interests etc. often have a format you need to conform to, but it is not always clear what that format is. Some expect you to input words or phrases separated by commas and get confused if you don’t, making every-thing you’ve written look weird. Always check your profile when you have finished, to make sure everything is as it should be.

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